October 1, 2016

Claim Apprenticeship Tax Credits

If you employ an apprentice during the year, you should make sure that you claim
February 21, 2016

Claim an ABIL on Certain Business Investment Losses

It is likely that you, or somebody you know, have invested in a small business and that money is now gone
January 1, 2016

Tax Implications on Change in Use of Property

Have you changed your principal residence to a rental property, or vice versa? If ...
December 28, 2015

What is the Best Way to Own Real Estate?

An important part of the process in purchasing real estate is determining how it should be owned.
December 17, 2015

Are You an Incorporated Employee (Personal Services Business)?

CRA says that a personal services business (PSB) is a corporation that provides services to
December 15, 2015

Should I Borrow Money to Invest in My RRSP?

Considering borrowing funds to contribute to your RRSP? Here’s what you need to consider.
December 2, 2015

Can I Invest Inside My Medicine/Dental Professional Corporation?

Professionals operating their business through a professional corporation are
November 22, 2015

Contribute to Your RRSP Now, Deduct Later?

RRSP contribution versus RRSP deduction. There’s a difference.
November 14, 2015

HST on Real Estate

Buying real estate? Know the HST implications
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