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Mike Nemisz

President, Complete Control Automation

The nature of our business has a lot of moving parts and it was growing quickly, so it became increasingly important to ensure that we had full control of our financial systems and reporting.

But being busy running the business, ensuring jobs were being executed properly and looking after customers, it didn’t make sense that we try to tackle mastering the financial systems and reporting internally.

Mathieu Lam

CEO, Yoodac Web Agency Inc.

15 years ago, I started a website for French travellers to Canada. I knew what it was like to come to a new country on a working holiday visa and have no idea where to get a job, find an apartment, learn the language, and make friends. I took my experience and put it online—and turned it into an vibrant community that now serves thousands of young people who are embarking on the very same adventure.

My company partnered with major organizations including Air Transat, Air Canada, and several banks. We built a strong, monetized platform and a subscriber base that relies on our connections and content.

Andrew Wilkens

President, A.H. Wilkens Auctions & Appraisals Inc.

A.H. Wilkens is a full-service auction and appraisal company based out of Toronto. We’ve been around for over a decade now, and have grown to be one of the leading auctioneers in Canada. In a fast-paced business like ours that deals with a lot of high-ticket items, having immediate access to up-to-date financial reporting is key.

Until we started working with Deuzeman CPA, we didn’t realize how much we were missing. As soon as we brought in Paul and his team (Michelle is a hoot!), they immediately digitized and modernized our financials, took over the day-to-day, and relieved us of an incredible amount of stress.

Greg O'Gallagher

President, Kinobody Group of Companies

My company, Kinobody, sells supplements, gear, and fitness programs online. We’ve been around for 10 years, and we’re a modern business with a big focus on online marketing and branding. My previous accountants, both large firms and sole proprietors, didn’t really understand what we do. Everything took too long, the accounting process wasn’t efficient, mistakes were made, and I never got to see numbers on time. When we found Paul and Deuzeman CPA, they immediately cleaned up my books, optimized all our accounting processes, and got me set up with regular reporting so I have a clear picture of the numbers.

Will Oatley

President, Mobi Plus Ltd.

I’m the co-founder of mplus, a digital ad tech company that works with Fortune 500 brands and their agencies to execute digital media campaigns in Canada. In our early stages, there was a lot going on: we managed finances and admin internally, and we were also using an accounting firm and a bookkeeper. As we began to grow quickly, we realized the challenges of having multiple parties manage our finances. We needed someone to fully take ownership of all our financial needs.

Phil Stinner

President, Sewer Squad Plumbing Co.

I own a residential plumbing and drain repair and replacement business. Along with my customers, my top priority is my reputation and relationship with my subcontractors, staff, and vendors. My previous accounting firm started making mistakes that put that in jeopardy: missing or duplicate payments and other costly and embarrassing errors that kept me up at night. As soon as we switched to Deuzeman CPA, Michelle immediately cleaned up my books, streamlined our systems, and ensured everything happens exactly as it should. It’s been a massive change.

Julian van Mil

President, Studio Feather

My company tried several accounting firms before switching to Deuzeman CPA, and they all had the same problem: while the tasks were getting done, there was no one truly managing our needs. We dealt with different people all the time, and there was no real oversight or big-picture thinking. It was impersonal, sterile, and flat.

Mark Wilson

President, Envision Canada

I’ve always known the importance of tax planning, but it can be difficult to actually sit down and address it when you’re busy running a fast-paced business.

Shortly after meeting Paul Deuzeman, it was clear to me that he was someone who could help me with what I’ve always known needed more attention.

After only a few conversations, Paul was able to quickly understand my situation, go away to develop some tax planning scenarios and come back to me with easy to understand next steps and end results.

Paula Joore

President, Dealerplan Financial

I’m a very “by the book” person. When it comes to accounting, I don’t push the envelope—which means, for a very long time, I was using an outdated system that meant I was spending a lot more time doing hands-on accounting work and not seeing the results and reporting quickly enough.

Once I switched to Deuzeman CPA, my life completely changed. Everything got so much easier. Instead of a 90-hour week at the end of each month catching up, I’m able to submit everything electronically whenever I want. I also now have a much better understanding of how the business is doing right now.

Hugh Balkowski

President, Pengelly Iron Works Limited

Our fabrication company has been around since the 1950s. When we purchased it in 2003, we inherited the previous accountants—which meant paper statements, spreadsheets, and ad-hoc reporting that was often behind.

When Deuzeman CPA was referred to us and we started working with Paul and his team, we immediately transitioned to electronic platforms for accounting and bookkeeping. It was a big improvement. Understanding cash requirements at any one second is very important in our business, and this instantly gave me a lot more flexibility. I can pick up the books anywhere, anytime, and understand exactly what’s happening—a process that used to take at least a couple of weeks if not a month.

Steve Reble

President, ETEE

My company, Etee, develops and manufactures alternatives to single-use plastics. When the business started to grow rapidly and the numbers got more complicated, I brought Deuzeman CPA on board to help.

Paul and his team quickly cleaned up our messy financials, simplified our books, and set us up with a number of apps we otherwise wouldn’t have known about. I now have the vital clarity I need to understand our financial situation at all times. I can make decisions quickly, knowing I am 100% informed. This has taken a huge load off my mind.

Geoff & Alana Gibson

Owners, Bennett Power Sports

My partner and I have owned our powersports dealership for 15 years. We sell all the fun toys—Sea-Doos, ATVs, snowmobiles, and more—but accounting was never a fun part of the business. I often felt scolded or patronized by previous accountants, even though it’s not my background or area of expertise. So when Deuzeman CPA was referred to us, we jumped at the chance to work with a new, younger accounting team.

There was an instant shift. I immediately felt calm and taken care of. Paul was honest, relatable, open, and efficient—he just had a really good vibe that we connected with immediately.

Marnie & George Brown

Founders, MASS Environmental Services Inc.

We were the founders and owners of a successful waste diversion company, with large clients and contracts from coast to coast. As our business grew over the years, we always had a bookkeeper, then started hiring a series of accountants, tax and payroll experts, controllers, and so on. But we never really found the right fit—until our current bookkeeper introduced us to Deuzeman CPA.

After working with Paul and Michelle, our books immediately started being closed at the end of every month. We got our reports and had time to go through them, and know exactly what we had done. Everything went digital: expenses, receipts, reports, communication. We loved how streamlined and easy the process was.

Gregory Macdonald

President, Bathorium Inc.

My company, Bathorium, started to experience significant growth a couple of years ago. In order to develop, we needed up-to-date balance sheets, reporting, and financial records — and our piecemeal, clumsy accounting softwares and methods weren’t enough. Cue missed opportunities.

We handed over the reins to Deuzeman CPA. They immediately cleared up our previous years’ financials, got us set up on Quickbooks Online, and completely revolutionized our accounting and books. We started being able to access accurate reports, new services, financial advice, and much more anytime we wanted them. A Deuzeman CPA staff member became available to us pretty much 24/7. They very quickly turned out to be more than just our accountants — we now consider them to be an extension of Bathorium. They truly are an essential part of our team.

Blaine Steeves

President, Earth-Crete (Ontario) Inc.

Before I found Deuzeman CPA, I was getting pretty frustrated with the time it took for my previous accountant to put together financials or get anything done. We were always late or behind the eight ball. My company works on all kinds of different projects, employing staff at all levels—timeliness is important. As soon as we started working with Paul, everything got up to date and stays up to date. He and his team are usually on top of things before I am.

Sheena Brady

President, Tease Tea Inc.

I own and run an online retail business that has seen a lot of growth and success in its early years. During that time, I worked with several different bookkeepers and accounting firms. I started to notice discrepancies and issues, especially during our busiest season. I dove deeper and found our books were in complete disarray. Deuzeman CPA had been recommended to me by a friend a while back, but they were more expensive than what I had been paying. But given what was happening with our books, I knew I needed a higher standard of help. So I called Paul. He spent an hour on the phone with me, walking me through my books and taking the time to explain what was wrong. That time spent and value delivered before I was even a client was huge.

Sarah Coupland

President, Tag Property Management Inc. & The Sarah Coupland Group of Companies

As a real estate entrepreneur, I wear many hats.

Early on, I identified that bookkeeping was not one of the hats I wanted to wear. I hired a bookkeeper, but soon needed even more support. So, I brought in Deuzeman CPA to help with year-end and other accounting needs throughout the year.

I absolutely love the consistency and accountability I get from Paul, Lois, Linda, Jenn & Michelle. I don’t have to manage anyone—the work just gets done.