CEBA & CEWS Updates

Earlier this week, CPA Canada hosted a roundtable with CRA where some…

CEBA & CEWS Updates

Earlier this week, CPA Canada hosted a roundtable with CRA where some questions resulting from their October 26, 2020 session were addressed. CRA noted the following:

CEBA – Taxability of Loan Forgiveness

  • CRA reaffirmed their comment that the forgivable portion of the CEBA loan is to be included in the year it was received.
  • They noted that a loan is still considered a forgivable loan from the outset (and therefore subject to an income inclusion under Paragraph 12(1)(x)) even if there are conditions to be met.

CEWS – Elections and Choices

  • CRA noted that there are some elections, and some choices (which don’t require elections), in respect of CEWS claims.
  • A “choice” can be amended by filing an amended return but an election previously made currently cannot.
  • However, if Bill C-9 passes as proposed, elections will be able to be revoked or amended.

CEWS – Normal Reassessment Period

  • The normal reassessment period (three years for Canadian controlled private corporations, individuals and several others) would commence after the day that a CEWS Notice is issued.
  • CRA did not specify what a CEWS Notice was.
  • The period can be extended where a misrepresentation due to carelessness, neglect, or willful default or fraud has occurred.

CEWS – Work-in-Progress (WIP)

  • CRA is still reviewing the appropriate treatment of WIP in respect of the revenue calculations.


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