Amazon Accountant in Toronto, Canada

Many Amazon sellers run their operations blind because they don’t have reliable…

Amazon Accountant in Toronto, Canada

Many Amazon sellers run their operations blind because they don’t have reliable financial systems in place.

That often goes for any business, but bookkeeping and accounting for Amazon sellers is extremely unique and notoriously complex and these businesses are often inappropriately using systems designed for traditional businesses. Or even worse, they are using systems that they think are correct because they simply don’t know any better or they ‘don’t have the time’ to fix it or find a better solution.
The reality is that Amazon sellers are totally different than traditional businesses and their bookkeeping systems need to be designed accordingly.
Unfortunately, many bookkeepers and accountants just don’t understand Amazon sellers and the frustrations are just amplified come year-end tax time when it goes to the accountant. Enter Deuzeman CPA.

Deuzeman CPA has invested a lot of time developing and implementing bookkeeping systems for Amazon sellers. The systems are reliable and consistent. We pride ourselves in being able to be your one-stop shop for all your tax, accounting, bookkeeping and payroll needs for your e-commerce business so that you can enjoy the convenience of all the help you need under one roof. This ultimately allows you to get back to focusing on running your business and looking after your customers.

We’d be glad to have a conversation with you to learn a little bit about your Amazon business and see how we can help you.

Bookkeeping & Accounting for Amazon Sellers
Amazon sellers have very specific bookkeeping and accounting needs. Deuzeman CPA solutions are designed to address those needs and include:

– Custom setup and integration of your Amazon business and QuickBooks Online for your unique business and reporting requirements

– Accurate and complete reporting of all Amazon settlement information for income statement and balance sheet activity for full visibility

– Proper recording of Amazon information including sales, Amazon fees, Amazon FBA, Amazon refunds and Amazon shipping and freight to ensure all activity is being captured and reflected in the financials

– Reconciliation of Amazon settlements to payouts in the company’s bank account providing confidence that everything is accounted for

– Proper cut-off of sales and expenses when Amazon settlements straddle month-end so that your income statement activity is reported in the proper month

– Recognition of reserved cash balances so you know how much Amazon is holding back and it is reflected in your balance sheet

– Ability to pull Amazon settlement history as far back as Amazon allows to do all of the above for catch-up accounting work if necessary
– Summarized and simplified reporting in QuickBooks Online as it is not meant to store thousands of small transactions and customers that can create system issues

– Conversion of transactions in foreign currencies to Canadian dollars to satisfy Canada Revenue Agency requirements

– Timely and precise reporting of Canadian and US sales tax activity and remittances to ensure government compliance

Deuzeman CPA is here to help Amazon sellers in Toronto or anywhere in Canada with full service bookkeeping and to be the one-stop shop for all other tax and accounting needs.
Please feel free to contact us for additional information or to discuss your situation. We would be glad to assist you.

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