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Upon a referral from my bookkeeping company, it was a pleasure to be introduced to Paul.  As we have a couple of businesses coupled with company properties and a need for estate planning, Paul was able to quickly assess my situation and begin the process of redoing our books to properly reflect proper values and proper tax planning.

Of particular interest to me is his command of technology to allow a paperless environment for accounting including reporting and review of financials.  He is fast, accurate and absorbs information to maximize our shareholder wealth and improve our tax planning strategies.  Paul’s potential is yet to be fully realized and he comes with my highest recommendations.

John Platz, Platz & Associates Inc. and HR/IR Satelitte Inc., Owner

As a new small business owner, I was busy learning to run the business with very little time to manage the tax and accounting. The firm we were previously engaged with was difficult to contact and often did not explain things or attempt to understand how we wanted to run and grow our business. I decided that we needed to manage our financial information more closely and someone recommended Paul Deuzeman. Paul took the time to explain every minute detail of our business. He even reviewed our prior years’ corporate taxes and found credits in areas that our previous accounting firm had not bothered to explore which resulted in unexpected large refunds.

Paul is always available to answer any question, big or small, that we have and he ensures that we are planning and tracking our business to meet our goals. We could not be more happy and grateful with the services Deuzeman & Associates provide. We look forward to many successful years with Paul’s assistance.

Paul Chapman, Procam Welding & Fabricating Ltd., Owner

DI3 is a technical sales firm, enjoying its third year in business and our day to day book-keeping tasks are managed in-house. However, as our accounting needs have grown to include tax strategies and the optimization of business and personal financial planning – not to mention the preparation of a flawless year-end report – we have come to rely upon Paul’s guidance and attention to detail. More than satisfied, his fresh approach and full understanding of the complex rules and obligations that accompany the ownership of any business has earned our trust.

Tim Dickson, Dickson Industrial Insight & Innovation Inc., Owner

I retained Paul Deuzeman and his team after becoming very dissatisfied with the company my wife and I had employed for our corporate and personal tax services.  Paul and his team quickly and professionally helped alleviate a huge stress in our lives, turning our tricky financial situation around and saving tax dollars. Paul continues to help us go forward in the direction right for our needs. 

I’ve found Paul to be very knowledgable, personable, enthusiastic, dedicated, and truly trustworthy. It’s refreshing to finally feel comfortable about the future. 

I gladly recommend the excellent tax and accounting services of Paul Deuzeman & Associates. 

Ian John o/a Solid Tone Customs (Construction Services and Fine Woodworking), Owner

We needed to find a tax accountant who could handle our specialized international tax challenges on filing personal income taxes involving multiple sources, including cross border employment. We made contact with Paul Deuzeman, who has since been very helpful in providing very professional and effective tax filing solutions for my situation.

Paul provided expert tax advice and guidance on best course of action, and handled all the details of successfully preparing and filing the multiple tax returns that were required. Throughout the process, Paul has been very generous with his time to answer questions, investigate and analyze issues, and recommend solutions. He is very easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable on the pertinent tax issues.

I am happy to recommend Paul for his expertise, diligence, excellent service, willingness to go the extra mile, and his ability to quickly and accurately assess and identify tax filing solutions.

Andrew B.

When I found myself in need of a new accountant, Paul Deuzeman was recommended to me. I was immediately impressed with his personalized service. He spent his time generously, assessing my needs, answering questions and offering suggestions. He even managed to find tax savings which my previous accountant had not explored. He continues to be readily available when I need to discuss business and tax questions. I have been very happy with his service and would recommend him highly.

david dobkin - circle

David Dobkin, Dobkin & Associates Inc., Owner

After being with a large global engineering company for several years I recently became self-employed in my own small business. Deuzeman and Associates helped us to understand the financial information that we were not fully aware of because it was not part of the previous work that I did. In addition, they helped to set up our business financial planning and tracking, and also provided personal and business tax services.

They have always been available to answer questions that have popped up and helped with tax services in a timely manner. We recently had our first fiscal year end and they provided good assistance and suggestions for moving forward into our next fiscal year.


Neil L. McMillan P. Eng, NLM Engineering Inc., Owner

In the last 20 years, I have used a variety of professional accounting services to advise and prepare my annual personal tax returns. Historically, I found that the accountant’s primary focus was on the completion of the return with little thought regarding long-term tax planning and strategies.

As the complexity of my financial situation grew, the seriousness of this deficiency became more pronounced. In 2013 I made a choice to retain the services of Deuzeman & Associates. The staff took the time to get to understand my financial needs and to advise me in core areas of tax planning and strategies. The emphasis was not simply for the current fiscal year, but for a long-term view.

In addition to their areas of expertise, they were also able to guide me to other professionals I will need to execute the developed financial plan. There were significant, immediate tax savings, but also tremendous peace of mind knowing that there is a solid long-term plan in place to cover many contingencies that will have a compounding financial impact.

richard brulotte - circle

Richard Brulotte P. Eng., Nalco Canada

Our business experienced early growth and we wanted to take it to the next level. That’s when we knew we needed the right tax and accounting advisors. We were referred to Deuzeman & Associates and they provided everything we needed. They established an excellent tax plan and continue to provide great advice and solutions every year. Dealing with them is a seamless process. We would not hesitate to recommend anyone considering a new advisor to call Deuzeman & Associates for all their solutions.

matt macinnis - circle

Matt MacInnis, Magnum General Contracting Inc., Owner

I’ve known and have retained Paul Deuzeman and his team for my personal tax services over many years. They always bring relevant advice to the table that results in effective tax planning in the short term and to position me for future considerations. When I have urgent questions, they provide quick and accurate responses. Paul and his team have become a dependable resource. I’ve referred my clients and friends to Deuzeman & Associates, knowing that their needs will be met in the same fashion as mine.

mike hergott - circle

Mike Hergott, B.Com, CRM, ACSB, Stevenson & Hunt Insurance Brokers (Ottawa) Limited, Commercial Account Executive

Having worked for Scotiabank and affiliates within the Caribbean over a 30 year span, my wife and I recently repatriated to Canada. Faced with the task of familiarizing and completing our first tax returns in many years, we realized the importance to search out reliable assistance. In this pursuit, it was the referral by a Senior Executive of a major accounting firm in Toronto who readily referred us to Deuzeman and Associates.

This opportunity to work with Paul has been rewarding in achieving our goals in a timely and accurate completion of our tax reporting.  His ability to quickly comprehend the intricacies of dealing with foreign countries and currencies was only overshadowed by his punctuality, his patient explanations and total professionalism. We highly recommend this astute young gentleman and his firm for professional and timely tax matters.

Bill & Joy Carson, Retired

My wife and I are both originally from Toronto. A number of years ago, we took an early leave from city life in favor of a more relaxed pace on our small hobby farm in the Northumberland Hills. A big part of our long term retirement plan was to put together a team of professionals to look after all of our Investment, Insurance, Legal and Accounting needs; preferably all locally. It was in this regard we were referred to Paul Deuzeman.

In the past year we have lost both my Father In Law and my Mother; both who lived long and successful lives. In conjunction with our Investment and Legal advisors, Paul Deuzeman and Associates have taken the lead in dealing with our parents respective terminal tax affairs. Going forward Paul and his team will be our tax advisors and we have every confidence in them. A 100% made in Northumberland solution! Thank You Deuzeman and Associates.

rob cowan - circle

Rob and Marilyn Cowan, Retired

I have used Paul Deuzeman at Deuzeman & Associates for my professional and personal accounting needs for the last three years. I was drawn to his youth and vitality and the fact that he is up to date on all of the latest technologies. I would not hesitate to recommend his expert services to any small business as I feel he provides personalized attention in a professional and timely manner. Happy to have him on my team!

lee caswell - circle

Lee Caswell, Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty, Brokerage, Sales Representative

Paul recently helped me address a backlog of personal and business tax‎ filings, during some major personal changes. He counselled me as I prepared my documents, keeping me aware of important deadlines and giving clear answers about key tax implications within my overall financial picture.  Paul always responded promptly and helpfully, both when managing my taxes and while responding to my many questions along the way. I would definitely recommend his services to friends and colleagues. 

michelle black - circle

Michelle Black M.Ed., ClaraCalm Communications (formerly SimplyRead), Owner

I have been self-employed for over twenty five years, and had retained the services of the same Accountant for that length of time. Most unfortunately, he became ill and suddenly passed away early last year. I did not become aware of this until just before my income tax filing was due. I had no idea who I could find who would be able to take on a new client at that crucial time of year. How fortunate that Paul Deuzeman came highly recommended and was also able to meet with me. He very quickly assessed my situation and, within a few days had, my income tax return prepared and filed. He also immediately identified an error that had occurred on all my past returns. He was very helpful and patient with his explanations and has continued to be. Paul is efficient and responsive. I look forward to a long continued relationship.

cathryn thompson - circle

Cathryn Thompson, MacKechnie House Bed and Breakfast, Owner

Paul Deuzeman saved me a lot of money. I trust him and always feels as though he has my best interests at heart. He is a really friendly and professional person, and is a fantastically knowledgeable and efficient accountant. Paul does not mess around, he takes care of (my) business.

When my IT firm expanded into another city, I needed to step-up to the next level of managing my financial affairs. Deuzeman & Associates was the answer.

scott tromley - circle

Scott Tromley, Tromley Computer Services, Owner

I have been running my own company for more than 20 years now and have always struggled to find the right type of accounting firm to work with. Many of them do not seem to understand my business or often make things so complicated and complex that I am overwhelmed and sometimes intimidated. Paul took the time to understand my company nuances, myself, and my financial challenges.

Paul Deuzeman and Associates turned around my backlog of financial statements in a fast and professional manner. He made things simple for me to relate to and created an environment that allowed open communication and long term strategy. Finally, I have found an accounting firm that I can look forward to working with.

lee baker - circle

Lee Baker, Expo Management Inc., Owner

Deuzeman & Associates has developed a keen understanding of my business. They have utilized their resources and network to connect me with owners of other successful manufacturing plants. Since dealing with them, I have worked with them to make immediate improvements to my business and develop a long-term plan.

Deuzeman & Associates has provided invaluable guidance that has allowed me to grow my business in a controlled manner. They truly are at the top of my contact list when I seek business advice. They’re not your typical accountants. They’re a team of experts who provide solutions and who truly care about their clients.

tim johnston - circle

Tim Johnston, Winter Engineering, Owner

My years of public practice were primarily for a big firm (Ernst & Young) and big clients (banks, food processing, manufacturing). The real fun and the real satisfaction was working with small entrepreneurs, especially in their start-up years. Your enthusiasm, professionalism, and dedication to the interests and needs of your clients reminds me of those times. Thank you for your great service. We here at Northumberland 89.7 FM are looking forward to working with you for many years.

john davidson - circle

John Davidson CPA, CA, Northumberland 89.7 FM

I am very pleased to see that Paul Deuzeman has created a professional accounting and consulting firm that will provide the highest quality of service to the business community. The work that Deuzeman & Associates has done for organizations in which I am involved has been exemplary in every way; they are proactive in their approach and get the job done right on a timely basis. I have no hesitancy in recommending Deuzeman & Associates as a firm where you will find the solutions that best serve your business needs.

jerry ford - circle

Jerry Ford CPA, CA, EqualiTV International Foundation, CAO, Secretary-Treasurer and EH.ca Inc., Owner

I’ve used Paul Deuzeman as my accountant for the last four years. When I first started working with Paul, I started my own business and I had lots of questions. Paul was enthusiastically there to guide me through the start-up process. I’m extremely grateful knowing that Paul is always there telling me what I need to know and do – ahead of time! Putting my trust in Paul’s expertise has paid off several times over. Thank you Deuzeman & Associates.

wallace publicover - circle

Wallace Publicover, Self Employed (Granite Mechanic)

Over the years, I’ve dealt with several different advisors. Deuzeman & Associates stands at the very top in my positive experiences when it comes to client service and effective tax advice. They’re knowledgeable and proactive.

daniel semenuk - circle

Dr. Daniel Semenuk, Dentist

I’ve known Paul personally and professionally for several years now. As my business has grown, he has provided me with advice that has resulted in significant tax savings. Whenever I have questions, Deuzeman & Associates has answers. They’re people I can count on for telling me everything I need to know. I can’t imagine running my business without their advice.

dave bray - circle

Dave Bray, Bray Construction, Owner

I am independently employed and I have been using Paul Deuzeman and his team for several years now. Deuzeman & Associates is a powerful resource that I rely heavily on for financial and tax advice, among other things. They always seem to be available to me and anytime I need an immediate answer, or advice, I get it almost instantaneously.

Over the years, I have referred many of my colleagues to Paul Deuzeman, knowing that my referrals will be more than satisfied and they always are. They provide valuable advice and they’re very personable. In no way could I ever imagine running my business without them.

evan blainey - circle

Evan Blainey, Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty, Brokerage, Sales Representative

I was originally referred to Paul Deuzeman by one of his existing clients who had praised the services he and his company had experienced. As a result, I had quite high expectations. Considering I thought was already doing everything I could possibly do to save taxes, I was eager to see what Paul could bring to the table. To my surprise, I had been missing out on several opportunities. Paul’s advice resulted in me saving a substantial amount of money. He took the time to understand my business. It seems that every year he comes up with new ideas.

joshua bickle - circle

Joshua Bickle, Harbord Valley Landscaping, Owner

As a self-employed musician/artist, finding an accountant that knew all the tax benefits and financial incentives available to me by the government was critical. Due to my previous accountants passing, I had a difficult time finding the right replacement. As a result, I was three years late in filing my taxes. When I was introduced to Paul, he not only completed all three filings quickly and efficiently, but he found numerous tax credits that I could benefit from. He is up on the latest government grants and incentives, and makes sure I get every dollar available to me. Thanks Paul.

mark sepic - circle

Mark Sepic

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