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Accounting bookkeeping

Focus on your business. Stop stressing about your books.

Outsourced Bookkeeping

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We develop an understanding of your business, existing processes, personnel involved, current pain points and what you'd like to achieve.


Your existing onboarding bookkeeper continues to work with you or a new and dedicated bookkeeper is assigned to your business who will maintain your financial matters going forward and will be your main point of contact.


We discuss and ultimately agree on what services you think you need and what we think makes sense for you, how the work will get done, who will do what, establish mutual expectations and discuss pricing as well as timing.


We deliver our first financial management report to you after the first month's activity (or catch-up work) is completed, discuss areas for improvement and pain points that we identified during the onboarding process, strategize based on findings and suggestions and move forward.


We collect logins to existing platforms. The setup and transition is handled by a designated onboarding specialist who works on your first month's activity (or catch-up work) and under the system designed for your business. Questions and answers to occur throughout the period.


Weekly Bookkeeping & Unlimited Communication

With a dedicated bookkeeper who understands your unique business

Custom Interim Financial Reporting & Real-Time 24/7 Access

To interim financial statements tailored to your unique business to keep your finger on the pulse of your business

Email Invoices to Customers and Collect Payments Electronically

To ensure efficient revenue reporting and accounts receivable collection

Capture Expense Receipts and Invoices Electronically & Pay Suppliers Electronically

To eliminate paper receipts and avoid manual cheque

Sales Tax

GST/HST Filings and Remittances 

To ensure accurate reporting, government compliance and avoid late filing penalties and interest

PST Filings and Remittances 

To ensure accurate reporting, government compliance and avoid late filing penalties and interest


On-Boarding of New Employees

So that you don’t have to worry about and get distracted by it

Direct-Deposit Payroll and Electronic Pay-Stubs

So that employees get paid efficiently

Payroll Tax Withholding Reporting and Remittances

To ensure accurate reporting, government compliance and avoid late filing penalties and interest

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We are a business generating, or expecting to generate, at least $1,000,000 in annual top-line sales. Please note that we only work with businesses of this size. See our FAQ page for more information.


Accurate Books Guaranteed: At your request, Deuzeman CPA will review your bookkeeper’s work. If your Deuzeman CPA Bookkeeper made an error that requires re-work to your books for any month, Deuzeman CPA will correct the error for the month that error occurred at no additional charge. Eligible errors include those made by a Deuzeman CPA Bookkeeper. An ‘error’ is a transaction that has been incorrectly categorized to the wrong account, an account balance in QuickBooks that doesn’t match the actual account balance or a transaction that can’t be supported by documentation (including client commentary). If you invoke the guarantee, you’ll need to provide Deuzeman CPA with supporting documentation relating to the item(s) in question. Deuzeman CPA Bookkeepers aren’t responsible for errors resulting from incorrect information provided by you or if you record something in the books. Guarantee may be subject to change without notice.